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Baby Care Techniques You Probably Still Don’t Know

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time mother, someone who already has a couple of kids, or anyone who’s about to get the responsibility of taking care of a baby, the fact remains that you never can call yourself an expert in baby care. It is one very challenging task that needs not just time and tons of effort, but also commitment and dedication. In order for you to rightfully call yourself an expert in baby care someday, you need to learn some tips and advice.

1 – A baby who doesn’t stop crying does not always mean colic.

This is what our elders always tell us. As a matter of fact, even baby experts and doctors in the past thought the same, eventually claiming that uncontrollable crying means colic. But thanks to breakthroughs in medical science, it now has been proven that there’s another cause for uncontrollable crying – acid reflux, a painful yet treatable condition.
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2 – You have to start avoiding the use of baby wipes.
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If your baby is a hundred percent breastfed, you actually don’t have to use baby wipes to protect them from their own feces and urine. And because baby wipes are very expensive considering how many you use every day, this certainly is welcoming news.

3 – Contrary to popular belief, holding a baby is actually good and does not harm your baby in any way.

Remember this: you never will spoil or cause pain to your baby if you hold him or her as much as you want to. The misconception is dumbfounded and is merely a product of earlier beliefs.

4 – Babies need protection from long-sleep leaks.

If your baby loves to sleep in long hours, it only means you also should provide reinforcement to his or her diapers. Maxi pads are a great solution for soaked sheets and pants. But if you really aren’t comfortable having your baby wear it, you just go ahead and look for highly absorbent nighttime diapers. The key is giving the baby additional protection against his or her own pee.

5 – You can simplify sterilizing.

It’s no secret that sterilizing is a time-consuming component of baby care. But then again, it is something that you cannot skip. We can’t blame you if you don’t really feel comfortable having to work with a home sterilizer all the time, so the best remedy is to use the dishwasher instead, but refrain from using soap and run it on a hot cycle.

In the end, baby care does not really have to be that complicated if you only know the secrets on how to be successful in it.