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The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Relieve Yourself from Joint Fluid Pain Most orthopedic surgeons would agree that the cause of swelling and pain to our joints is by the excess fluid that is building up within. You can relieve yourself from pain and even the symptoms by doing some home remedies and doing a few lifestyle changes is the good news. If your joint pain persists, the swelling becomes severe, and the treatments itself do not work you will have to consult a medical doctor for these. This article will introduce you to the best ways to relieve acute and chronic joint pain. Rest your joints. You can trust this first home remedy that is sure going to help you. This home remedy is the probably the most effective of all remedies. Using your joints every day especially the bodyweight’s bearing down pressure and weight will cause the joints to swell more and develop pain. The best thing that you can always do to relieve the pain is to stop using it by proper rest. Resting the joint will also relieve the swollen joint causing it to subside. It is good to know that this method will take a good effect on all joints in the human body. If you use your joints when working or if your job needs to carry heavy things or you need to go out then you may need to ask your boss for a day off from work. Elevate your joints. You can reduce the swelling easily by just putting your joint that is affected above the level of your heart. When you elevated the joints this method will relieve the pain after swelling is reduced. It is best to put your joints up on pillows since elevating your joints will surely remove the swelling. On a recliner you can elevate your feet while sitting which is effective for swollen ankles.
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Ice packing your joints. By putting ice on it especially on the swollen part of your joints can and will relieve your pain fast. Just make sure to hold an ice pack for up to 20 minutes on the swollen joint. This method can be done several times in a day as long as you can still feel the pain. It is very important to wrap the ice pack in a towel before applying it directly to the joint. Make sure to apply it often but not always to prevent the skin from becoming too cold. Your skin must not receive constant cold temperature from ice packs.
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Taking an OTC pain reliever. Most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAID) are good to help the swelling in your joints to go down indirectly relieving the pain as well. Wearing support hose. Wearing support hose over your swelling knees and ankles and other joints will help to bring down the joints’ swellings and pain as well. To relieve yourself of the joint pain and swelling do these home remedies and lifestyle changes.